single 60 Miles from Darwin

Due to be released 11th Feb 2020

This song comes from a memory of a band I was touring in where only three of us had drivers’ licenses. the previous night’s show was in Cairns in Queensland, nearly 3000 km from Darwin and we only had 35 hours in which to do the trip.  I remember coming down the escarpment from Katherine towards Darwin so very tired, it was early in the morning and I was trying not to fall asleep.  This song is about the fatigue and the hope that the driving will be over soon

PS I only use Miles because kilometres did not fit in the rhyming scheme

60 Miles From Darwin by Karthartic

single Home

Home by Karthartic is about my feelings about touring, being away from home playing, 5 nights a week, traveling for 6-9 months at a time. I loved the playing, and liked the travel at the time, but you lost all contact with friends, relatives and any concept of a “Normal Life”.

4 Track EP OK

With the release of OK by Karthartic shows more of the pop side of the band, while still retaining the prog parts of our prog heritage, it sounds a little like Alan Parsons, Pink Floyd, Radiohead with just a touch of The Eagles.

This is an album many years in the making, founding members Peter and Aaron were introduced in 2004, and after a few jams the idea of Karthartic was born.  As can often happen with bands when starting a new idea, it seemed so simple from a distance but got a little more involved and time consuming the closer we got.

single Gladstone (Last train to)

Gladstone (Last train to) by Karthartic is a blues shuffle loosely based on a period in my brother’s life when things weren’t going exactly as he’d planed.

The story starts one day with Aaron, James & and myself (Peter) just jamming for fun, when my brother called because he was annoyed. He was stuck at a railway crossing while a coal train went through and in our part of the world coal trains can be up to 2.3 kilometers (1.4 miles) long and take a while to go past.

So the whole time we are talking the train noise is in the background and when I finally got off the phone the noise was still in my head.  The first two verses and the chorus just slid out of me, a few days later the band jammed the song and that’s what you hear.  We only over-layed the lead solo, train sounds and a new vocal.